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Evoke Wild Feminine

When a woman rises up in her glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious.

I see you. Feeling the call from deep within to reconnect to your feminine wild. There she lies whispering, calling you to come home, to slow down and embrace your beautiful, tender feminine essence.

The live your life rich in experience, with presence, connection and even your divine sensuality. You can feel the rise of the feminine, and now more than ever she must do just that - RISE.

For us women, it's time to come home, it's time reconnect to inner feminine, to each other. Now, more than ever it is time reclaim our feminine - for ourselves, our ancestors, our children and future generations.

Reclaiming our feminine begins with honouring the divine within us. The Wild Woman resides in us all. She yearns to be embodied, her full spectrum - liberate, dance, make love, feel.. feel her all. The messy, the chaotic, the rage, the joy, the sensuality, the freedom... this is where the magic lies. Sacred Feminine Embodiment.

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Welcome dear sister, so happy you landed here. I am Tiff, the founder of EVOKE ~ The Deep Feminine . 

I am here to guide and support the rise of the feminine, your feminine, and your deep descent into the sacred wisdom that lies in the depths of your divine body.



Client Love

I embarked on my session with Tiffany with an open mind & a few key items I felt I would like to focus on. What came next really blew me away. Tiffany's beautiful, kind voice held & guided me to tap into the core issues of what lay underneath the surface.
I felt safe, reassured & willing to be guided into a meditative state - helping me pinpoint key moments in time, relationships & themes I was ready to release.
Tiffany was gentle & clear in her language, checking in with me multiple times to ensure I felt safe & was comfortable to explore different triggers & hurts I found bubbling away within me.
Tiffany offered tools to support me navigating this process & when it came to an end I felt held & a sense of completion.
I will definitely be booking in again & can highly recommend Tiffany's services. Im very grateful for this transformative experience.
Amy xxx

Amy Graham

I left my session with Tiffany feeling relaxed and wholesome.
She tailored the session based on what I needed. Tiff took the time prior to starting to discuss how I was feeling and what I was hoping to get out of this experience. I got it and more such a beautiful  way to start my week. - Reiki Client

Bernadette Turnbull

I experienced and embodiment session with Tiffany and was taken to another place. If you are wanting to go within, work with what's deep inside you body in a safe, held space I cant recommend Tiff enough.
We spoke about pregnancy, birth and loss and the power I have within me to accept and channel my emotions into power. 
There was tears, and if felt so gooood! I'll be forever grateful.

Emily Atterton

As a result of this session, I feel like I was granted the space to be and express without judgement or critique.  I felt a lot of the undesirable sensations come up and felt completely held, supported and safe to be with these feelings as Tiffany lovingly prompted me deeper into my truth.  I left my session with Tiffany feeling vulnerable, honest, and a weight of relief as there were some emotions I was resisting to feel.  I felt very grateful for Tiffany's guidance and safety!

Vanessa Demello

Working with tiffany was very profound. Her presence, and energy are so supportive and heart opened. The container she contained for my session was very powerful and her ability to get to the heart of the matter and encourage my deep inner knowing encouraged deep emobdiment and dropping in to my own wisdom. As a result of this session I feel in tune with parts of me that were closed off with frozen tension. Her wrap up was so helpful to my grounding the new awakenings from our session.  Thank you Tiffany!

Larissa Czusnowski

Private Mentoring: Testimonials

Evoke Embodiment Sessions

Empowering women to embrace their feminine flow

One on One sessions taking you on a journey into the depths of your feminine.

Get out of your head and into your body.

For women ready to release past conditionings, such as deep rooted feelings of unworthiness, guilt and shame. 

For REBEL mamas ready to up-level, to EVOKE Radiance, Magnetism, Pleasure.. to bring ritual, presence, inner peace and freedom into their sphere. 


Private Mentoring: Price List


Evoke  - single session (60-90 mins)

A powerful single session to create a powerful shift, to support you in the embrace of your feminine flow. Single sessions can be based around liberating a habitual pattern or block that is not serving your highest good. And/or taking your on a journey into your feminine, exploring what living in alignment with your feminine flow looks and feels like. You can also turn up to session and be open to what comes up for you to explore.  You'll leave the session with insights and golden nuggets from your innate wisdom, plus tools and strategies to take with you into every day life.
Can be held in person or via Zoom.


Evoke - 4 week immersion

For the women ready to dive deep, to up-level and peel back some serious layers of past conditioning, for the rebels who are well and truly ready to shatter the ceiling of limitation, feel the full spectrum of what it is to be a woman in all her glory - the full spectrum, unapologetic, raw, vulnerable, free and RADIANT!  
The 4 week immersion includes 2 x fortnightly Embodiment sessions, tools, strategies, unlimited personal voice support during the 4 weeks. Guided embodiment meditation tool to support your journey to empowerment.
Can be held in person or via zoom.


Evoke - Cacao Intention Box

We have hand curated this beautiful Intention Box to help you set up your daily Evoke Feminine Embodiment ritual with even more connection.

We envision you lighting your beautiful candle that will be intuitively picked by our gorgeous team, making your delicious, heart opening cup of Freedom Cacao and sitting with your journal. Holding your hand selected crystal for the day selecting a cacao connection card you gently take your first sip of FC and just let the magic and power of sacred ceremonial cacao move through you. How powerful!

So I hear you, what’s in this Intention Box?

  • Two bags of Freedom Cacao

  • An intuitively picked beautiful intention Bhava Candle

  • Cacao Connection Cards

  • A crystal bundle filled with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian and Citrine tumble stones from Halo Quartz


Evoke ~ The Deep Feminine

Awaken your Feminine Superpowers
Rediscover your authentic self
Unravel, Liberate, Embody

For the modern woman. Dangerously awake, alive and embodied.

She is unapologetic as she lives in her truth, guided by her heart and the wisdom of her womb.
She is sacred, she is divine, she is YOU.

A 12 week deep dive into your divine feminine.

Powerful transformations, tools, rituals and ceremonies to carry forward into your future. 

Click below for more details.

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EVOKE femimine

sacred - slow - sensual

For the woman who is ready to embody her feminine essence. She is done with being overly masculine, she's ready to slow down and live her life with rich presence. She's ready for more pleasure, joy, creativity. She's tired of feeling weary and overwhelmed. She's craving true connection, deeper intimacy & sensuality. She's feeling the call to soften, slow, open her heart and embrace her sacred feminine.

EVOKE freedom

emancipate - release - liberate

For the woman who is ready to let go of old habits and patterns that are holding her back. She's ready to shed unwanted baggage such as guilt and shame. She's ready to peel back the layers, unravel, unwind as she releases what's no longer serving - to set her self free in liberation, giving herself space to feel lighter, more joyful and expansive. She's ready to embody who she really is, her divine feminine. 

EVOKE Magnetism

radiant - empowered - open

For the woman ready to call in her desires, she's ready for expansion. She's ready to open to her heart, to illuminate, dance in all her glory. She is ready to let go of what's holding her back, from self sabotage, from feelings of unworthiness and any blocks that are hindering her desires. She is ready to embrace her magic, her power, her innate magnetism. She is the creatrix of her desires. She's open to receiving, welcoming ease and flow. Yum!

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