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EVOKE. The Deep Feminine

Awaken your Feminine Superpowers
Rediscover your authentic self
Unravel, Liberate, Embody

Evoke Embodiment Course: Welcome

For the modern woman. Dangerously awake, alive and embodied.

She is unapologetic as she lives in her truth, guided by her heart and the wisdom of her womb.
She is sacred, she is divine, she is YOU.

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The Deep Feminine

Discover your Soul Purpose
Awaken your Deepest Desires
Ignite your Feminine Power

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Acknowledging how I was feeling was the first step to my transformation, feeling all the feels, like I was opening a can of worms - guilty, selfish, afraid of what may arise, but I knew in my heart things had to change. I owed it to myself, I owed it to my family, I owed it to all women.

"A woman who heals herself heals her mother, her daughter and all the woman around her"

Why is it that we, as woman struggle to prioritise our own happiness and wellbeing? Making sure everyone else is cared for before we can feel we can tend to our own needs - which often, in our busy world leaves us very little, if any time at all. As a result we are left feeling stretched at the seams, feeling guilty for not being the best mumma, wife or person we always dreamed we would be.

Does this resonate?

We know we cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Now here's the exciting part.

You would have to be living under a rock to not be feeling the shift in our current times. 

I can feel it, you can feel it, we all can feel it. 

While these times have been tough, I feel hopeful, empowered and incredibly excited to contribute to a positive change that so desperately needs to happen. The most powerful and important thing we can do is begin to heal ourselves. 

For far too long, I'm talking centuries, women have been oppressed by the patriarchy - that's putting it mildly. 

We live in a society that is still dominated by masculine ways which can look like;- 

  • A need to be busy and productive, no time for rest.

  • Logical and analytical thinking, less value on gut instincts and intuition.​

  • More action based energy as opposed to being open to receiving.

  • More linear, structure. Less flow and fluidity.

And while there is definitely a place for masculine energy, the feminine energy is just as important and very much needed.

Now more than ever.

What makes it tricky is that, yes, as I mentioned - we know we are always rushing and needs to slow down, we know all the things. But these habits and patterns are so deeply ingrained within our cells it can be so frickin hard to let go, especially when we are still surrounded in our daily lives and society by patriarchal energy. 

Evoke The Deep Feminine Course has been crafted to support your liberation from the inner chains, the old reoccurring patterns and habits.

During 12 weeks we will be covering limiting beliefs, boundaries, pleasure, magnetism and so much more. 

You, my dear sister, will learn to become more intimate and attuned to your inner truth as you completely shed away from the past and welcome in your deepest desires. 

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In order to rise, we must descend, deep down into the depths of our feminine current.
THIS is where the magic and wisdom resides.

A homecoming, A remembering, A reclamation

The Evoke Coaching Course equips you with all the knowledge, support and skills to reclaim your feminine essence. During a week 12 immersion you will be personally guided and supported to unravel,  liberate  and set free all that has been holding you back from living your authentic life. You will be provided with powerful tools and sacred rituals to awaken your magnetic, radiant self. You will evoke your feminine superpowers to feel empowered, present, aligned and able to manifest your wildest desires with ease and flow, oozing sensuality and juicy aliveness. 

Notice how you become more present with your loved ones, cultivate deeper intimacy in your relationships and feel deeply fulfilled in your soul purpose. 

Witness your outer world truly transform as you become more intimate within your own inner realm. Pleasure here we come, baby!

Hell Yeah!

When you enrol in the Evoke The Deep Feminine course you will

  • Receive an initial 90 min deep enquiry and embodied intention setting session

  • Be personally guided & supported with 5 x 1:1 Personal Evoke Coaching sessions

  • Have Unlimited Voxer voice message support at your finger tips

  • Have one 30min SOS call up your sleeve for additional support.

  • Private Invitation to our monthly online New Moon Circle 

And receive an Evoke Embodiment ritual tool kit including for each module including Evoke guided meditations, embodied movement rituals and resources to integrate and support your journey. Plus, a beautiful goddess welcome gift box!

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Evoke Embodiment Course: About

Client Love

Working with tiffany was very profound. Her presence, and energy are so supportive and heart opened. The container she contained for my session was very powerful and her ability to get to the heart of the matter and encourage my deep inner knowing encouraged deep emobdiment and dropping in to my own wisdom. As a result of this session I feel in tune with parts of me that were closed off with frozen tension. Her wrap up was so helpful to my grounding the new awakenings from our session.  Thank you Tiffany!

Larissa Czuzowesci

Evoke Embodiment Course: Testimonials

About Tiffany

Tiffany, mumma to four wildings and daughter, granddaughter to a lineage of strong women has dedicated many personal years to being a chain breaker hers family's DNA, she feels so passionate about these transformational times of the feminine rising, undoing centuries of female oppression and conditioning. 

Tiffany has worked alongside women from all over the globe for over two decades, and feels its ingrained in her to support women in unravelling from patriarchal and capitalist conditionings, old patterns and beliefs that block us from truly embracing our feminine wisdom and power.

She holds regular sister circles and believes that magic happens when women come together.

Her credentials include;

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified IIN nutrition and health coach

  • 500 hour yoga teacher, specialising in WomanKind yoga 

  • Shakti Masseuse

  • and most importantly a shit ton of life experience!

Tiff has lived a colourful life, is from Irish gypsy heritage and believes life is for living - not settling! 

She will hold a tender, non-judgmental space for you, being connected to women for decades, she has heard all the darkest secrets and believes, our shadows hold so many powerful lessons for growth. Tiffany will not try to heal or fix you, she will guide and empower you to become your own guru. 

Tiffany has gained many credentials along her journey, though feminine embodiment has been the most transformative and continues to be. Once you have the tools under your belt you will be able to use them for your continued personal growth into the future. 

So let's get down and dirty, let's liberate and  set ourselves free as you become the embodied goddess that you are.

Evoke Embodiment Course: About
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