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tending to our sacred..

I want to share with you somethings that have been most profound in my life, I believe it is something which was integral to life before modern society, and truly has the power to completely transform how we exist in day to day life.

Ritual and Devotion. Choosing me.

I often get asked by women I have known for years - what changed for you?

My experience has been a long unfolding one, a few things jump out when I look back that I would love to share with you.

I guess the catalyst was a time when I felt like I was on the brink of a mental breakdown, I felt like I was literally teetering on the edge of a big brain fart! Sounds weird, I know.. yet thats how I remember.. like I was literally going to loose control and loose the plot. It scared the shit out of me, I was burning bridges, playing hard, working hard.. stress was through the roof. I booked myself into a wellness retreat and never looked back. I learned to choose & honour my wellbeing, I will never get back to that place. Boundary number one. Especially now as a mumma. I cannot afford to loose it, for my family or myself. That first lesson was stress and balance; to recognise when things are starting to slip and bring it back and to choose me. Because if I don't take care of my health, no one else will or can. It has to come from me. And its a strong boundary I have learnt to honour.

The next lesson I remember begins when my second child was born.. I was isolated and lonely in a new home on a property with not many local friends or community to support me. I didn't realise how much I was struggling at the time, I got through, as we do. I loved being a mum, but I was missing feeling stimulated, lit up.. like I had passion or purpose. I was deeply craving community, connection, passion.. vitality. My hubby worked away, so I began my journey of soul searching. Yoga was a love of mine, and I had always dreamed of being a yoga teacher, though living in a regional area, with two young children -the possibility of me going to a teacher training retreat was NIL! I searched for an online teacher training, which I found and began my journey into the wellness industry. I remember sitting up late at night to study, but it felt so inspiring and nourishing! I felt stimulated, like I had found a passion! I became certified and continued to study.. I am still studying now! I love to learn! So, I guess the lesson here was beginning to search for a hobby, passion, something that lit me up and inspired me.., to be honest, I haven't looked back. So my advice is, start to explore.. what are you dreams? What do you enjoy? Whatever it is, begin exploring.. find something that lights you up and make time for it.

During my studying time at home, I became a certified IIN Health Coach. I learned a valuable lesson, in that our health and wellbeing truly is a holistic balance of many aspects - not only health, but feeling stimulated in career/education, connected with self and in relationships, safe and happy in regards to home and finances to name a few. This understanding has been so valuable. One of the next memories that jump out for me was my first big investment into my own personal development, and the memory that jumps out at me isn't necessarily the course (which was great) it was the decision I took to invest in my self with a coach. I remember being riddled with guilt for investing time and money into myself (I am sure many f us mums can relate) .. but hey, my family have a happy and thriving mumma! So worth it! Shedding guilt, shame, fear and other unwanted emotions is so liberating! I have invested in my wellbeing for over a decade.. and I love that I can share what I have learned along the way to support other women.

A reoccurring factor here, and my non negotiable is that I will always prioritise my wellbeing. And THE most potent practice is honouring sacred time for me. Which I know many of us struggle with. I have many tools up my sleeve to nourish and support me on every level.. from many years of personal investment! And I love to share them with my clients. What I will say is..

We are all here with a sacred mission to heal, evolve, to become, un-become, and offer our wisdom to the world. Our individual journeys are unique to us, but we must choose to our ourselves. We are her to remember that life is sacred. We come to learn that life is sacred, we must learn to honour devotion, release fear into light, how to love and be open to receiving love.

Ritual for me is sacred time. A time I take daily (sometimes I miss a day or two.. and can really tell when I do!) Ritual is a time I use to reconnect to myself, to nourish myself. It looks different each day depending on my current needs, but it is SO potent and powerful. We are out own Alchemist. We must choose to time for self devotion. My sacred time is a time I look forward to, it's not a chore like forcing myself to exercise at 5am each morning. Its a time I use to check in and gift myself what I am needing.

It may look like

  • oracle cards, journaling

  • yoga

  • a walk/time in nature

  • meditation

  • breathwork

  • a intention setting or releasing ritual

  • a feminine embodiment practice

If it's at home I will always set a sacred space. I'll light incense, candles, make a warm drink of cacao and it's usually in the morning before the kids wake up or at night the they have gone to bed. That may look different for you. Are you an early riser or do you thrive at night? The key is to finding what works for you, and honouring that.

I have learned to honour my cycles, the ebbs and flows and to harness the power of the moon to support my intentions, healing and releasing. I lurve feeling like I am recalling my innate witchy powers!

Our bodies have the power to move with natural rhythms with homeostasis if we give it what it needs. We ALL have the capacity for vitality, purpose, passion and joy. It's paramount to check in with yourself daily, to honour your own unique needs as you evolve on your path. Cultivating self awareness and devotion is a beautiful thing. Gifting yourself presence to attune to your own spirit, noticing patterns, limiting beliefs, feelings or shame and guilt and choosing to set yourself internally free. Having the courage to face your shadows, bringing light to them with love and compassion. Self devotion is really where it is at!

Tell me, how do you sit in all of the above? How devoted to yourself are you? What are you ready to let go of? What are you ready to call in? Where can you make time in your day for devotion and ritual? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Tiff x


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