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Freedom Cacao Intention Box

Evoke - Cacao Intention Box

We have hand curated this beautiful Intention Box to help you set up your daily Evoke Feminine Embodiment ritual with even more connection.

We envision you lighting your beautiful candle that will be intuitively picked by our gorgeous team, making your delicious, heart opening cup of Freedom Cacao and sitting with your journal. Holding your hand selected crystal for the day selecting a cacao connection card you gently take your first sip of FC and just let the magic and power of sacred ceremonial cacao move through you. How powerful!

So I hear you, what’s in this Intention Box?

  • Two bags of Freedom Cacao

  • An intuitively picked beautiful intention Bhava Candle

  • Cacao Connection Cards

  • A crystal bundle filled with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian and Citrine tumble stones from Halo Quartz

Head to Freedom Cacao Intention Box to Purchase via Link :-)

Freedom Cacao: Price List
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